Information about Renda



Renda is a website, that allows you to rent items safely and effortlessly.


With Renda, you can easily recycle items and products that are rarely used, while making money offering your items to other registered users. Renting is secure, and your contact details are only know to the service provider. Payments are made by debit card and will be credited directly to your account. The range of products for rent is constantly expanding and with the help of the map service you can instantly see where the product of interest is available. Together, Renda allows us to support sustainable development, reduce unnecessary consumption and move towards a sharing economy-society, where everything does not have to be owned. Browsing products is easy, and the calendar allows you to see if and when a product is available. With a private message, you can ask for more detailed information about the rental and arrange a pick-up. Renda only acts as a service for renters to meet, and Renda is not responsible for the products or the rental. Renda charges a 15% service charge from the renter from each rental (VAT included 24%) and 5% from the lender (VAT included 24%) from each rental. 


Renda brings a solution into many problems and our greatest value is solving these problems. The world needs more sustainable solutions and Renda is one of them, unnecessary buying consumes the planet in a way we have ever seen before and our needs seems to be constantly growing. Maybe we don’t have to own everything if we could rent it. Renting instead of buying is one of the most effective ways to build a more sustainable future and best of all it also saves us money or generates more for us. We want to be a responsible green company and come up with solutions. We want to create community, understand the importance of the environment and still experience all that the world has to offer for us, start renting today.